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About Us

SEGA Tours and Cruises Ltd was created to address the challenges of marketing its products and services without losing the personal touch with guests. We handle Passenger Cruise Ships, Free Individual Travellers, Leisure Groups, Incentive Trips, Meetings and Conferences. Our core competence is our unmatched combination of in-depth industry experience added with valuable local expertise and knowledge in our leisure and MICE related business segments.


  • Sega Tours is a human-size company with a small team of dedicated and experienced people. With 5 years of operations and 15 years’ experience in the industry, we have a modern structure with less administration constraints than the big DMCs
  • We all have different backgrounds but with a lot of experience, and hence creating a lot of synergy amongst ourselves. We all have clear objectives
  • We carefully select our partners and suppliers so as to maintain the high level of service for which we are renowned. Hence, we do not deal with the low-cost segment
  • We emphasise a lot on personalised service not only to our mutual clients, but also to our tour operators. Each tour operator has at least 2 key contacts at Sega Tours although the rest of the team can also assist anyone
  • We always strive to bring more value to each and every booking as we have a strong negotiating power with hotels. Hence, we always come up with proposals or ideas to upgrade or upsell
  • We are not just transport providers but holiday organisers as each booking is handled with extra care and attention. We are known for our professional way of handling special bookings with accommodation and private excursions or visits. Our aim is to reply comprehensively and in a timely manner
  • We are creative, proactive, dynamic and innovative (some examples are: an up-to-date and dynamic user-friendly website; our professional corner on our website; regular mailings to promote special events such as festivals; off the beaten track private visits; QR code printed on welcome letters so that clients can download our e-brochure during their stay; electronic LED welcome board with personalised welcome message for each client with the T.O’s logo all in high-resolution, etc.) The whole team can be reached at any time up to 6 p.m. GMT, so any last-minute booking can be handled without any stress. We have a team on call round the clock that takes care of any emergency
  • We offer our services in other Indian Ocean islands such as in Reunion, Seychelles, Mayotte, Madagascar and Rodrigues where we use the best suppliers
  • Our aim is not to have just happy clients – we want them to be overwhelmed and impressed. The WOW factor is of utmost importance for us